Cannot Sign You Out

I have been trying to get the latest Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which has been RTM Released to MSDN this week.

Now, via my employer, I have an MSDN account with which I’m allowed to download this software. This account uses of course Microsoft passport technology, and as you might know, Microsoft Passport is assumed to be unique per user. Just as in real life, you’re not supposed to have more than one passport. As I have off course my MS Passport on my own name, I’m sure to get in trouble when trying to download SQL 2005.

This is what happens, when I get to the MSDN pages with my default, personal, passport account and I hit log out to be able to log back in with my employer’s special MSDN account:

Cannot sign you out of Microsoft Passport

I love the ´´Click Try Again to try signing out again. When you're done, click done.”