Please fill in your country

You possibly couldn’t imagine how much sites ask you to fill in countless fields before you’re even allowed to ask them a question about their products.
Same here – where I even need to link to a sub frame to show it to you. One would think frames are really old skool now, aren’t they? i just was looking for an email address on their contact page. I don’t want to have to use their form.
Those guys are lucky now, because those are the people who support my accountant for his accountancy software, so I feel a little compelled to contact them. Normally I might not even consider them for asking about their products.
Now, why the hell do I need to fill in that I live in Belgium?? I don’t mind them having customers abroad, but being a dot-be site, they could at least suppose I’m from that little federal country and fill in that field for me? I’m pretty confident they don’t sell that much accountancy software nor other services abroad.

Or maybe I’m just lazy tonight and maybe my knee hurts too much today.

Update: spell and grammar checking, thanks to Bart.