www. is deprecated

By default, all popular Web browsers assume the HTTP protocol. In doing so, the software prepends the ‘http://’ onto the requested URL and automatically connect to the HTTP server on port 80. Why then do many servers require their websites to communicate through the www subdomain? Mail servers do not require you to send emails to recipient@mail.domain.com. Likewise, web servers should allow access to their pages though the main domain unless a particular subdomain is required.
So, according to no-www.org, the use of the www subdomain is redundant and time consuming to communicate. The internet, media, and society are all better off without it.

vanGinderachter.be has always been available in this short form, but as a redirect to www.vanginderachter.be, not the other way round. I’ll have to think this over, but it does make a lot of sense.

For the record, Firefox, and possibly other good browsers, automatically prepend ‘www.’ when no ‘domain.com’ record is found.