DIY GSM Repair Shop

As every sysadmin with experience knows, cellular phones are telecom devices, and telecom is a responsibility for the IT guys. Especially when something is b0rken.

For once, this rule was applied in my family, when dad’s cellular had a smallish problem. The ‘0‘ key didn’t react anymore. Luckily I have a Torx toolbox and after cleaning up some contacts, it worked again as a charm. Until I voice tested. No mic. Darn. As this Nokia already is some fine piece of equipment, it turns out to be quite difficult to locate that micro at first sight.

Luckily we have internet. A download later, I had a DISASSY.PDF which helped me finding out that I just misplaced the block with the butt plugs. Some Nokia engineer didn’t think of designing it in a way to make that impossible 🙂

Removing the microphone, bottom–connector and PCB

I really need to stop having excuses not to go to bed. Luckily, I’m married, so you can’t call me a nerd for doing this stuff a saturday night instead of chasing some babes. Uh… wait a sec… Never mind.

Yes, honey, I’m coming.