Ripping status

I already told bout how I started ripping my music cd’s.

For the time being, I’m ripping locally from my ATA DVD player. It seemed those SCSI mutli-cd stuff get quite flacky on the scsi bus. Need to check further on that.

I encode to mp3 and ogg, with a VBR averaged on about 192kbps. I dropped flac. To much in the time-space continuum. Now if only Apple supported Ogg.

The ripping/encoding process goes a lot faster when I first normalize the ripped tracks. Don’t understand why that is.

Ripping locally on my desktop and dropping wave and encoded files on a remote SAMBA server is not a good idea. Seems like the Linux implementation of SMB/CIFS ain’t that stable altogether. I suspect a problem in smbmount/client side kernel code. A lot of diverse write errors, not while ripping to local disk. I also experienced a lot of X lockups that needed a cold reset (SSH answered on the TCP stack but no login got spawned.) Yes, I should migrate to NFS, but it has its own disadvantages.

Oh, and ripping 1 cd and running 3 encoding processes simultanesously gives a load of > 7-8. I don’t feel any latency in my Desktop usage. I gues sthat’s what the kernel pre-emptive patches are about. Nice!

I think I ripped about 100 out of 500+ cd’s until now.

serge@cyberlab:~/ripped$ find . -type f -name *.ogg | wc -l

Some more to come…