Status: all ripped

I Started ripping my cd collection about 2 months ago. I’m relieved I finally finished. If my directory counting script is correct, I handled 537 cd’s. (I really threw out money to that in the old days.) I ripped them to ogg as well as to mp3, on an average of 192kbps.

$ du -hs . --exclude=*.mp3
40G .
$ du -hs . --exclude=*.ogg
42G .
$ du -hs .
81G .
$ find . -type f -name *.ogg | wc -l

Guess I could do an extra backup to 10 dvd’s if I picked a format. In the meantime this is stored on a RAID-5 partition and backupped to a seperate local but external disk. No remote backup, but that would be costly to manage on a private level (or I maybe could pull a network cable to my garage.)

And by the way, I’m using the same storage and backup for all my digital pictures.

Now, I’m wondering what other people do to manage their private data safely. With most media getting digital nowadays, this must be a problem to most people, with digital data being a lot more volatile than plain old cd’s and analog photo’s.

So, how do you preserve your data?