Sugar post

Wouter, thank you for providing us Planet Grep. I like to read it and I like to be part of it.

But please, be some more indulgent. The very least you could have done was to send those guys another mail about your issue. Pardon me if you did, but you only mentioned one blog post, we all long forgot about.

Besides, like you wrote suckers, it also did come to me as being about the writers, not their posts. Anyway, I was a little surprised on you just executing such an arrogant opinion. I didn’t thought that was your style? This is about community, and sharing information, not about some stupid technical detail – no matter how annoying you might think they are. Don’t be a dictator, try being benevolent 😉

For what it’s worth, I think being a member of the Planet Grep community somehow gives me a voice on this, so I’m voting on putting those blogs back on Planet Grep. On the other side, I’m sure Laurent and Frederik will consider to avoid using folds, which I also tend to dislike, although they sometimes can be usefull to put a page on longer posts.

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