Are blogs important?

I hear a lot of people wonder about the fuzz about blogging. Hell, even I don’t understand all the things those blog freaks have to say about this fenomenon.

But, right there, I see the parallel with people who think they should not vote. Why should I vote? My sole vote won’t make a difference. It sure won’t, but if everybody but the eligible politicians themselves thought that way, democracy would suck, even more. It’s about everybody voting at once. Mass psychology. Power to the people. People empowerment. Pick your prefered buzz word.

Just as until recently, only big organisations had major websites where they could tell what it’s about: the simple consumer hadn’t a big channel to put his opinion on. Even when the internet came along, it was not enough: the medium existed, but not the right channel or form. Now, things have changed. Everybody can ventilate his opinion, in a relative cheap way. Everybody’s opinion has a chance to be picked up by a lot of other people, to form a wall of blogs.

And that wall of blogs, my friends, makes the result of some kind of Universal Suffrage. So, if you have something to say, please do!