BIND misery

I somehow must have managed to change something in my named.conf some (long?) time ago, without properly restarting my Bind name server. Fact is, since yesterday, after a reboot, some queries were ok, some were not. It turned out that all my recursive queries were refused – which actually is as it should be, as this is an autorative name server I’m talking about – but then again, all necessary local recursive queries one needs for proper working (e.g. Postfix hostname lookups) were failing too, because my resolv.conf has configured as nameserver.

Now I can’t recall how I initially set this up. A logical thing to do might be to configure the ISP’s name servers in resolv.conf. How I solved it now, was to allow recursive queries for localhost only:

options {
recursion yes;
allow-recursion {; };

But I only managed to get this working by issueing

$ sudo rndc reconfig
and not
$ sudo invoke-rc.d bind reload
$ sudo invoke-rc.d bind restart

Which leaves me wondering what I’m missing here.