CodeWeavers to support Intel Mac OS X

We all know by now how Apple announced the switch to Intel processors for their Macintosh computers.

Although the full extent of this is not yet totally clear, and only will be once those boxes but also new software start shipping , one might wonder what this will do to application support. A lot of speculation has been made until know, e.g. people asking questions on what this will do to Linux based systems and other OSS.

Now, a couple of days ago, Codeweavers made an interesting announcement:

CodeWeavers to support Intel Mac OS X

They announced a major expansion of the software porting capabilities of their Wine based software to include support for Windows-to-Macintosh application porting. The new capabilities, made possible by Apple’s eventual move to Intel x86 chips, promises to significantly reduce the time and cost of developing Mac versions of Windows software, opening new possibilities for mid-tier Windows software companies.

In short, the CodeWeaver software will let you run native Windows applications on Macintosh computers, just as they already provide this capability for Linux based Operating System (running on Intel based machines of course.)

And that might be only the start of things?

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