Computer Networks

Bought myself a geek book last week, which according to Wouter Verhelst is the best computer-related book ever. As some other people also acknowledged me that and I got good impressions with reviews, I got out and bought the Dutch version. I wonder if that’s the original version, the author, Andy Tanenbaum being a Dutch professor. Hmpf, it appears not, translated from English it is:

Computer Networks by Andrew Tanenbaum - book cover Fourth Edition

If you would happen not to know ast, he is also famous for being the author of Minix, which influenced the design decisions Linus Torvalds applied in the creation of Linux. Linux and Andy didn’t always agreed however, to say the least..

Didn’t get very far, so far, but it seems to be a well written book, explaining every aspect of computers and networks. Hopefully it will help me filling the many gaps in my knowledge 🙂

Which makes me think I still have to finish another book by the same author, which I started reading maybe 10 years ago:
Structured Computer Organisation by Andy Tanenbaum - Book Cover but the First Edition 🙂