Evil copyright industry

OK. That’s it. I’ve had it. The film and music industry is Evil. Plain Evil. You know the bad guys from The Exorcist? Well, those are nothing compared to that freakin’ copyright industry.
Let’s summarize the latest news, brought to life thanks to Senator Palpatine, Sony’s lates CEO.

I wrote about Sony’s rootkit two weeks ago. In the meantime

    ALCEI-EFI, an Italian digital-rights advocacy group, has formally asked the Italian government to investigate Sony for possible Italian law violations

So writes Mark Russinovich, who also reported back how badly Sony reacted to the whole situation:

Sony has told the press that they’ve made a decloaking patch and uninstaller available to customers, however this still leaves the following problems:

    There is no way for customers to find the patch from Sony BMG’s main web page
    The patch decloaks in an unsafe manner that can crash Windows, despite my warning to the First 4 Internet developers
    Access to the uninstaller is gated by two forms and an ActiveX control
    The uninstaller is locked to a single computer, preventing deployment in a corporation

Do you, just as I do, always click Yes I agree when one asks you to accept an EULA? Now, read this piece about the EULA’s in Sony’s Killer Audio CDs and think twice.

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