Open Source can suck, too

I need some software to manage some projects.
I learned about Gantt charts, thanks to some Linux journal or other magazine (don’t remember which, nm.)
I looked through some googols web pages and picked one, the Gantt Project.
I looked through and it seemed okay.
I downloaded 2.0-pre2, which supposedly isn’t stable, but should do enough if I can take some bugs.
I install and start up the program.
I start testing and define some projects and sub-projects.
I save my project, and specify a gantt file somewhere in my local filesystem.
I continue editing.
I save again, and the program asks again for a file location. Strange.
I continue testing and saving. I keep getting a file dialog, instead of having the software saving to the choosen file.
I finally close the program, forced to choose not to save, to be able to do that, after having saved the project countless times.
I look at the save file, and notice it to be 0 kb.
I want to open the file, but fail.
I open the file in a text editor and find it top be empty.
I lost my test project’s data.

(Did I mention it’s about my opinion, here?)

OK, so far my story. I understand what Alfa software is about. I understand what Beta software is about. I understand what preview versions, release candidates and what more are about.

What I can’t understand is why a piece of Open Source software, which seems quite serious (ok, that’s because of marketing rules, whatever. That sometimes counts, too), manages to release a piece of software, with version 2.0-pre2, and wich can’t manage to save it’s data to a file.

Open Source is not a guarantee for people-proof software. I can testify that.

Oh. And yes, it’s a known bug. No need to mention it. Please explain me how something basic like this can get through 2.0-pre2. Thank you.