How Open Source is worth a shuttle

Quotes of the day are coming from Mark Shuttleworth.

It was by far the most audacious (plan), but it was also pissing me off at that time that the established players weren’t going to converge on what I saw as the right strategy. In my mind there really was a clear opportunity both commercially and philanthropically.

I’m not sure that Wall Street is a warm and cuddly partner in taking on longer-term challenges.

One thing that means is we’re not competing with ourselves. For the organizations which have a free trial community edition and then an enterprise edition, they run into internal conflicts when half of the organization says, “Well, go ahead and use the free thing,” and the other half of the organization says, “No, no, no, it’s not secure, it’s not tested, it’s not certified.” We think that we would rather avoid that conflict and again really give people what they are looking for.

Because of the traction that we have in just the sheer number of users, there’s a real incentive for ISVs to work […] with us.

True open source spirit is how you get things done.