KDE 4 preview screenshots

I stumbled into these KDE 4 preview screenshots today. It’s not the first time I got to see something of this upcoming version, and again I must say I’m impressed. Looks like the KDE team makes a lot of work into integration, sanitizing looks, and simplifying the user experience.

For the moment, I’m still a primarily a Gnome user. Coming from and still using Windows, I’m happy with a full fledged – some would say bloated – Desktop Environment. Gnome has the looks, and until now I keep sticking with Gnome because I feel at home there and it doesn’t get me head aches. KDE (v3) comes to me as far more bloated and complicated, altough I sometimes appreciate the advanced configuration options which Gnome keeps removing.

Well, I’m curious to see how things will evolve once KDE4 will be released. They certainly seem to innovate on looks and show something that can stand next to Vista screenshots, marketing wise that is. I’m wondering what KDE 4′ ETA is?