Open Source is about Community, so should Nessus

Kris gives us an update on his views of what Open Source means.

I thought on this when today I was looking into the status of the Nessus project, which is known to have reverted to closed source last year, with its 3.0 release. I bumped into this article.

Among the reasons for the move away from the GPL are two issues that traditionally open source advocates have touted as the license’s strengths, namely community development and the “freedom” of code such that is can be re-used and redistributed by anyone.
In a mailing list posting, Deraison commented that, “Virtually nobody has ever contributed anything to improve the scanning engine over the last 6 years.”

Looks like Renaud Deraison failed on building a community around Nessus? The fact that the Nessus 2 tree, which remains Open Source, didn’t got forked yet, might be some proof of this.