Open Source vs Web 2.0

I’m shamelessly copying this one from kb, as there’s no clue I could add to it:

Don Marti on Open Source and Web 2.0 stuff:

There’s some overlap between being a “Web 2.0” company and being an “open source” one. Here’s where I think Web 2.0 goes further than open source. If open source is trees, Web 2.0 is hemp. Instead of harvesting big participation from a committed developer, tester, user, partner, or customer, you get a small quantity of fiber per transaction, fast, and you do a lot of them

Maybe stress also this quote:

Anyway, the key part of being Web 2.0 is that you’re building value from many small information contributions that users don’t mind making.

I said it before: If you want to do the Open Source thing, start doing the Full Monty.

You might want to RTFA.