Ubuntu post-install script

My Ubuntu post-install script:

wget --no-check-certificate https://support.ginsys.be/files/ginsys-gutsy-config.sh && sudo sh -c ginsys-gutsy-config.sh

Definitely not finished yet. For starters, I should make sure universe and multiverse are enabled, but atm this seems default in Gutsy.
Also, it’s my setup script, which reflects my choices, obviously.

Feedback welcome.

Update 1: no, this is not a n00b script, just automating my work

Update 2: enabling universe and multiverse might happen with something like
mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak
cat /etc/apt/sources.list.bak | sed "/!ubuntu-backports/,/ universe/s/^# deb/deb/" | sed "/!ubuntu-backports/,/ multiverse/s/^# deb/deb/" | sed "/ partner/s/^# deb/deb/" >/etc/apt/sources.list
" >/etc/apt/sources.list

as I don’t want to enable backports

Update 3: sed code werkte niet, een regexp negatie bestaat precies niet
sed -i "/ universe/s/^# deb/deb/;/backport/s/^deb/# deb/" /etc/apt/sources.list
sed -i "/ multiverse/s/^# deb/deb/;/backport/s/^deb/# deb/" /etc/apt/sources.list
sed -i "/ partner/s/^# deb/deb/;/backport/s/^deb/# deb/" /etc/apt/sources.list

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