ITPro 8

ITPro 8 will be held in combination with Barcamp Gent en GirlGeekDinner4

Date: March 29th 2008
Time: after 1800
Location: TOCONFIRM – somewhere in Gent

To quote Clo, Saturday 29 March turns into some kind of a full-day Belgian Uber Geek Fest:

The ITPro Geekdinner, issue 8 will be something special: $datelocation was fixed in conjunction with Barcamp Gent, and will be held in the evening, after Barcamp is finished.

For the evening the boy geeks subscribe to ITPro Geek Dinner and the girl geeks subscribe to Brussels Girl Geek Dinner. We’re still looking for a location and for sponsors to keep dinner free for both, but it will be in Ghent and we try and get all the hungry geeks in the one room. Girl Geek Dinners have been around for about a year now, and are organized by Clo Willaerts.

So no specifics are known yet as to where we will go for dinner, but it will be in Gent obviously.

Care to join us? Subscribe here via Doodle

Subscriptions are limited. Difficult to put a max number on it right now, as this depends of sponsoring, location, and subscriptions to both Geekdinners (IPGD and BGGD). But a limit will be set. If you care to join, don’t wait with your subscription.

WARNING_1: Barcamp subscription info is just “for info”, if you plan to attend Barcamp Gent, go to and register over there;
WARNING_2: Don’t double book. If you are female, pick GGD and subscribe on their wiki; if you are male, pick IPGD and subscribe via the Doodle link.

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