Let There Be Rock

Let There Be Rock, wellicht een van de meest fantastische ode’s aan de rock’n roll ooit, ge├»nspireerd door Roll Over Beethoven,

van de even legendarische Chuck Berry over wie wordt verteld dat “While no individual can be said to have invented rock and roll, Chuck Berry comes the closest of any single figure to being the one who put all the essential pieces together.”

In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty-five
Man didn’t know about a rock ‘n’ roll show
And all that jive
The white man had the smoltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tchaikovsky had the news
He said –
“Let there be sound”, and there was sound
“Let there be light”, and there was light
“Let there be drums”, and there was drums
“Let there be guitars”, and there was guitars
“Let there be rock”

And it came to pass
That rock ‘n’ roll was born
All across the land every rockin’ band
Was blowing up a storm
And the guitarman got famous
The businessman got rich
And in every bar there was a super star
With a seven year itch
There were fifteen million fingers
Learning how to play
And you could hear the fingers picking
And this is what they had to say
“Let there be light”
“Let there be rock”
One night in a club called `The Shaking Hand’
There was a ninety-two decibel rocking band
The music was good and the music was loud
And the singer turned and he said to the crowd –
“Let there be rock”

Uit Live In Donnington, met een uitgesponnen solo van Angus. Merk het begin stuk op waar Trance Music nog iets kan van leren. Sluit je ogen en laat je gaan op het rhythme, waar je onmogelijk stil kan bij blijven:

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