Zimbra Desktop Client

I don’t really get the concept of this Zimbra Desktop Client. Pushing the server backend infrastructure to replicate with some heavy client-side backend makes this client a bit heavy to say the least.

Setup is cumbersome, as it is not integrated in ones distro’s package management. It’s a heavy load on the system. And one gets to keep the disadvanteages of a web client.

What companies really need, are plugins to their favourite mail client. Web is not the solution for everything. At least not yet. Desktop applications still are very important. You already do a very good job with the outlook connector. Many customers choose to use outlook because the web interface is too slow. Please put some focus on other clients, Evolution to start with.

Of course many people have enough with the web interface. But many others need something that integrates better with the desktop, with their email client, and with everything that already integrates with that email client.

Some people use email a lot, and need it to be fast and responsive. Web doesn’t cut it for them.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Making a decent email client is already difficult enough.