As I had some spare days in June, I suddenly decided a couple of weeks ago to do the RHCE exam. So I went on a trip to Mons today, and was pleased to meet Sebastien irl. Thanks again for your support, Seb!

The exam procedure changed recently, and contains now only one single session of 3.5 hours. The topics by themselves are not hard, and should be easily mastered by every sysadmin with some decent experience. Some things are Red Hat specifics of course, so don’t try it if you never worked on a Red Hat (or obviously CentOS) box. What makes it hard though, is that you get a lot of topics you need to handle within a relatively short period. If you need to start diving in man pages to figure out how to configure things, better prepare yourself a bit more.

Oh, and yes, I passed 🙂 . The RHCE part was pretty good actually, but I was in luck to just have slightly over the needed 70% for the RHCT part though. Thanks to one topic I didn’t master well enough.. oh well.

(If someone needs RHCE training books, send me a note!)