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customize resolv.conf even when using network Manager

Having my laptop configured with dhcp through network manager (Ubuntu jaunty at the time of writing) is what I need in most networks. Often though, I need to contact hosts living under another domain. Traditionally, that’s wat the search option is in /etc/resolv.conf. It still is, but this file now gets configured dynamically through resolvconf, […]

Debian Sarge rsync package updated

If you experience the same problem I did with the rsync and rsnapshot combo, I provide an updated package rsync_2.6.4-6.svg1_i386.deb which can be found amongst my downloads, together with all the source. I hope this package was built like it should. If you have extensive knowledge on Debian packaging, as a Debian Devekoper or not, I’d be glad to hear your feedback, as this stuff is quite new for me.