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How Open Source is worth a shuttle

Quotes of the day are coming from Mark Shuttleworth. It was by far the most audacious (plan), but it was also pissing me off at that time that the established players weren’t going to converge on what I saw as the right strategy. In my mind there really was a clear opportunity both commercially and […]

Ik innoveer, dus ik ben.

Aan Microsoft om tegen september 2008 niet alleen ODF te ondersteunen maar ook te bewijzen dat er naast ODF “rijkere” open standaarden nodig zijn zoals OpenXML. Een toch wel opmerkelijke (eerste helft van deze) zin, van de hand vanuit de Microsoft België hoek. Ik volg dit Belgische openstandaarden debacle nu al al even, en weet […]

Plain text is voor ouwe zakken

Dat er sprake is om in België het ODF formaat te hanteren binnen de overheid, is intussen oud nieuws. Bruno Segers, baas van Microsoft België vindt dit precies geen leuk nieuws. Dat hij als Microsoft directeur overkookt kan ik perfect begrijpen. Dat hij een boompje zet over hoe men aan strategie moet doen en kritiek […]

Open Source is about Community, so should Nessus

Kris gives us an update on his views of what Open Source means. I thought on this when today I was looking into the status of the Nessus project, which is known to have reverted to closed source last year, with its 3.0 release. I bumped into this article. Among the reasons for the move […]

Closing source licenses are the evil ones

I read Steven’s article on dual licensing with mixed feelings: I think there’s a nuance missing. First of all, dual licensing is not about retracting a more appealing offer. It’s about two concurrent offerings for the same or a different product. Whether the offering is for the same product or for a different product is […]


Ik weet dat veel Geeks redelijk geschift zijn, maar Perligata is nog een klasse apart. A Perl module — Lingua::Romana::Perligata — that makes it possible to write Perl programs in Latin. Even proeven: #! /usr/local/bin/perl -w use Lingua::Romana::Perligata; maximum inquementum tum biguttam egresso scribe. meo maximo vestibulo perlegamentum da. da duo tum maximum conscribementa meis […]

Ripping status

I already told bout how I started ripping my music cd’s. For the time being, I’m ripping locally from my ATA DVD player. It seemed those SCSI mutli-cd stuff get quite flacky on the scsi bus. Need to check further on that. I encode to mp3 and ogg, with a VBR averaged on about 192kbps. […]

Open Source vs Web 2.0

I’m shamelessly copying this one from kb, as there’s no clue I could add to it: Don Marti on Open Source and Web 2.0 stuff: There’s some overlap between being a “Web 2.0” company and being an “open source” one. Here’s where I think Web 2.0 goes further than open source. If open source is […]

Maddog quote

I was using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in 1969, but we did not call it that at the time. We called it “software”.